Offering songs to those on the thresholds of life
in Orange, Durham and Chatham Counties 

~ We sing to calm and comfort.
~ We sing at bedside in hospices, hospitals, nursing homes, private     homes.
~ We sing for people who are dying and people in comas.
~ We sing for newborns in hospital intensive care units.
~ We sing at the invitation of patients, families or caregivers.
~ Anyone present is welcome to sing along or simply listen.  

Southeastern Threshold Gathering!
November 15-17 at Camp New Hope

See Photos Here

See us on TV!
North Carolina Now on UNC-TV, Monday November 11

We usually sing in pairs or small groups, for about 30 minutes.
We respond flexibly to the needs of the moment.
We will visit patients one or more times.
We sing from our repertoire and try to honor requests for special songs.

Threshold meets the first Sunday of the month from 1-3 in Chapel Hill
for singing, training, and to conduct Threshold business.

To schedule singing visits or for membership information please contact:       or call: 919-636-9245

Threshold singing is our gift. We don’t charge for our services.
We are a nonprofit organization.
Donations are tax-deductible and help cover our expenses.